Unashamedly obsessed by Matcha Green Tea from our many trips to Japan, our mission is to help others enjoy the many health benefits of regularly drinking superior tasting Matcha while looking after our Environment via Eco-friendly home compostable packaging.

Matcha Yu are delighted to bring to you 2018 Golden Tea Leaf Award Winning and Emperor Award Winning Premium Matcha sourced from the tea fields of Uji, Japan. This superior tasting tea is handpicked at the start of the tea harvest season in May and is considered Ceremonial Grade which is what is used in traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Over the past 50 years, the Tea grower from Kifukuen Tea Farm (Matcha Yu’s supplier) has won the 1st Prize more than 20 times in an Annual Competition for Tea in Japan.

Also part of our range is a Certified Organic Culinary Matcha along with the increasingly popular Houjicha Roasted Green Tea Powder available for all of your everyday drinking and culinary needs, both high quality and sourced from Japan. Unique Tea Shaker Device also available to help making Matcha a breeze!

Matcha Yu owner Erin Lindwall developed an appreciation for Matcha tea after working in Japan and becoming immersed in the culture. Now based in Melbourne, she does all she can to minimise waste and enhance the environment. She is an active volunteer participating in regular beach clean-ups and works with local environmental groups and government to create change that benefits the environment. Ms Lindwall said, “Because I am very environmentally focused, I wanted to make sure that anything I offer my customers is really eco-friendly"


Press coverage
"An energy-enhancing premium Japanese Matcha Green tea sourced from a farm commended multiple times by the Japanese Emperor for its superior quality is now available for purchase online, in Econic compostable packaging."
Superior Japanese Matcha Tea Launched in Econic Packaging
Econic Pack - May 28, 2018
"Matcha Yu combined its passion for Japanese tea and sustainability in January by launching their superior range of traditional Matcha tea in Econic packaging, which protects both the tea quality and the environment."
Superior Matcha Tea Launched in Econic Packaging
Eco Voice - July 20, 2018
"Packaged in Eco-friendly 100 home compostable bags from Econic and with the bonus of a "shaker device" which sounds much easier than ritualised whisking and frothing"
Green Goodness
The Australian Travel Indulgence - December 27, 2017
2018 Winner Golden Leaf Tea Award - Ceremonial Matcha and Overall Matcha Category - September 12, 2018
Erin Lindwall
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