Matcha Yu Tea wins GOLD yet again at the 2019 Golden Leaf Tea Awards

October 21, 2019

Matcha Yu Tea are beyond ecstatic to announce that both our Matcha Green Tea varieties have picked up GOLD awards in the 2019 Golden Leaf Awards.

Our Uji handpicked  Premium Matcha Tea has now had back to back GOLD wins in the  Ceremonial Matcha Category, taking the title for both 2018 and 2019

We are very proud of this high quality superior tasting tea which comes from the multi-generational Kifukuen Tea Farm (an Emperor Award Winning Farm in Uji Japan) and are now even more thrilled to have another Australian Award to further signify its quality. 

Our newcomer, the delicious Certified Organic Everyday Matcha Tea has won GOLD for the first time this year in the Commercial Matcha Category. 

Matcha Yu Tea Owner, Erin Lindwall says 

"We are so passionate about the quality of our tea and bringing only the very best from Japan to you. It's extra special when a team of expert tea judges also feel the same way. It's so wonderful to be able to offer our customers Award Winning Tea that is also eco-friendly thanks to our home compostable packaging" 

This was announced on Monday 21st October by the Australia Tea Masters.

For the full list of winners:

About the Golden Leaf Awards:

The Golden Leaf Awards is Australia’s premier tea awards and is sponsored by Australian Tea Masters, who are Australia’s leading tea organisation.

The Golden Leaf Awards says "This year was our highest number of entries ever. The high standard of entries this year really impressed our judges and made for a tough competition" 

A note on our judging:

Our judges were all experienced professionals from withhin the food and beverage industry internationally and nationally who were handpicked for their extensive knowledge and exceptional tasting ability. We believe their high level of experience allowed them to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each entry and to make fair judgements based on this. Our hope is that the Australian tea industry will continue to expand and become a market of the highest quality. 

About Matcha Yu:

Erin (owner) has a deep love and knowledge of Japanese culture and have forged a wonderful connection over many years with her Japanese supplier. The Matcha Yu business is based on trust, respect and a deep appreciation of Japan and its Tea, as well as caring for our precious Environment.

Now Melbourne based, Erin does all she can to minimise waste and enhance the environment. She is an active volunteer participating in regular beach clean-ups and works with local environmental groups and government to create change that benefits the environment. Ms Lindwall said, “Because I am very environmentally focused, I wanted to make sure that anything I offer my customers is really eco-friendly which is why I only use certified home compostable packaging"

About Matcha: 

Matcha is created when the leaves from shade-grown green tea are hand picked then ground down to produce a wonderful bright green tea powder. Matcha is an incredible superfood packed with antixodiants, with many positive health benefits to make your mind and body feel fantastic. Matcha is becoming exponentially popular and widely recognised amongst fitness and wellness experts as a powerhouse of nutrients that enable peak performance and lasting energy.  

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