Matcha Yu Tea wins GOLD at the 2018 Golden Leaf Tea Awards

October 10, 2018

Matcha Yu Tea are thrilled to announce that our Premium Matcha Tea picked up the GOLD (1st place) in the Ceremonial Matcha Category as well as the Overall Matcha Category as part of the Golden Leaf Awards!

This was announced on Wednesday 12th September at the Australian Tea Expo.

The Golden Leaf Awards is Australia’s premier tea awards event and is sponsored by Australian Tea Masters, who are Australia’s leading tea award event. These awards are judged by professional tea cuppers to distinguish the best-tasting and high quality teas commercially available in the Australian market place.

Overall the Tea Awards received over 360 entries of such high quality tea, the results were very close. 

You can read all about it here: 

We are very proud of this high quality superior tasting tea which comes from the multi-generational Kifukuen Tea Farm (an Emperor Award Winning Farm in Uji Japan) and are now even more thrilled to have an Australian Award to further signify its quality. 

Matcha is created when the leaves from shade-grown green tea are hand picked then ground down to produce a wonderful bright green tea powder. Matcha is an incredible superfood packed with antixodiants, with many positive health benefits to make your mind and body feel fantastic. Matcha is becoming exponentially popular and widely recognised amongst fitness and wellness experts as a powerhouse of nutrients that enable peak performance and lasting energy.  

On the environmental front, all of our teas come in certified home compostable packaging from Econic Pack. Superior tasting tea that is good for you and the planet. 

Golden Leaf Award Winners

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