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10 Matcha cafes to visit in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan!

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If you're a Matcha lover like us, the vast choice of Matcha flavoured treats to be found in Japan can be quite overwhelming.

So many things to try, so little time! Rest assured, it's a good problem to have! 

On our recent travels that took us to Tokyo and Kyoto, we tried to visit as many places on our Matcha cafe wishlist as possible.

While we were at it, discovered a whole lots of new ones to boot! BONUS! 

We're delighted to share a few with you now and we hope you add them to your list too. 


Rocca and Friends Truck Kyoto Matcha Latte

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Visiting our Award Winning Matcha Tea Farm in Uji, Japan

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With the trip to Japan but a distant memory, it's time to reminisce and share what wonderful experiences I had while there.

Very much a standout was the tea farm visit in Uji. Uji is a quaint town about 20 mins by train south of Kyoto (if you were travelling to Nara you would pass through it)

In Uji you can wander through a street called Byodoin Omotesando and literally smell the aroma of Matcha Green Tea in the air ahhh!

But more on that another time!

The main reason for visiting Uji was to meet the family behind the Tea Farm our Premium Matcha is sourced from and witness Ichibancha (or first harvest) that takes place in May each year. 


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What does Matcha taste like?

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If you've never had the chance to try Matcha, it's definitely a unique taste to experience. 

What struck me at first when tasting Matcha for the first time was the sweet yet savoury flavour like nothing I had experienced before.

I later heard the Japanese word Umami which translates to pleasant or beautiful taste. It's not sweet, not sour, not salty nor bitter.

It's just a pleasant taste that you can't really describe. 

Matcha Parfait Tsujiri Kyoto Kodaji

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