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Do we really want more plastic in the ocean than fish?

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Do we really want more plastic in the ocean than fish?

Let's learn how home compostable packaging is a step in the right direction to combat the immense amount of plastic entering our oceans.

There are already options to avoid single use plastic. We have never had greater choice to select an eco friendly plastic free option than now!

Don't want to contribute to this immense problem of plastic entering our ocean? Avoiding single plastic packaging in the first place is a practical step each of us can take to help.

Which is why Econic Packaging and ourselves are so passionate about offering a solution to business (and their consumers) to enjoy products housed in a zero waste home compostable packaging option.



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Packing A Zero Waste Travel Kit

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Very soon we here at Matcha Yu Tea will be saying Sayonara (goodbye) to Australia and a big Konnichiwa (hello) to Japan!

We're visiting Japan specifically to visit our Premium Matcha tea supplier as it's tea picking season but also to enjoy drinking a lot of Matcha and enjoying many tea inspired desserts!

Whenever we travel outside of the home, we make every effort to bring our own reusable items so as to avoid excessive plastic consumption.

So naturally we are thinking about the items we plan to take away to Japan to us to help us on this journey, being that we are very eco-aware.

We've narrowed it down to the items below and we really wanted to share our tips with you all as well, in case you may find them useful.

So, what exactly DO you put in a zero waste travel kit for Japan?

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Zero Waste Travel Tea Set 


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