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Back from Japan and so much to share!

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Matcha Yu Tea are just back from our trip to Japan and and easing into the daily routine again. 

It was so lovely to return to a place which means so much personally, it really is like going back to a second home, full of wonderful memories and life long friendships.

One of the main purposes of us returning to Japan at this time was to get a rare chance to learn all about Ichibancha (otherwise known as first harvest) and witness this very important time in a tea farm's calendar when the tea that is covered with shade cloths and ultimately becomes Matcha is hand picked with care by a team of experienced hard workers. 


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Matcha Yu's crowdfunding campaign orders have shipped!

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Late last year I was thrilled to launch a Pozible Crowdfunding campaign to make my dream of sharing Premium Japanese Green Tea and the Shaker with you all a reality!

I wanted to "test the waters" to see if there was demand out there for a Premium Matcha Green Tea in Home Compostable Packaging plus a unique reusable Matcha Shaker device to help making it a breeze! Turns out there is...hurrah! 

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