HOUJICHA Dark Roasted Green Tea Powder (30g)

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Houjicha (also known as Hojicha) is:

  • Roasted Green Tea and this makes it quite different to other Japanese Green Tea which are mostly steamed.

  • This roasting method emerged early in the 20th century in Kyoto, when tea merchants started roasting leaves over charcoal.

  • The roasting process has a decaffeinating effect on the leaves, making Houjicha a low-caffeine alternative for tea enthusiasts or as a coffee replacement.

  • The roasting process also changes the flavour of the tea. With a nutty taste, Houjicha is a unique tea in that it has a “roast” flavour that no other tea has.Interestingly enough, this flavour makes Houjicha taste quite a bit like freshly roasted coffee.

  • Houjicha is mainly made with Bancha (It is harvested between summer and autumn) although it is sometimes made with Sencha (grown in full sun unlike Matcha) and Kukicha (made of stems, stalks, and twigs) tea leaves as well.

    This 30 grams of Dark Roasted Houjicha Powder:

    • Has a deep and smoky flavour taste with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee.
    • Perfect as a coffee alternative, offering a low caffeine yet similar tasting experienceOriginates from a blend of Sencha and Bancha tea leaves from the 2018 harvest supplied from several farmers in Kyoto, 


    • Comes in Eco-friendly Home Compostable Packaging sourced from Econic.  The Product Label is also home compostable, sourced from Black Rainbow Printing.

    • It’s perfect to drink on its own, with milk or for cooking purposes.


    • Push 1/2 teaspoon (or more to taste) of Houjicha through a sieve into a cup or

      Tea Shaker 

    • Add up to 1 cup of water (If hot - optimum water temperature is no hotter than 70°C) and dissolve by stirring vagariously with a spoon or shake together in the tea shaker

    • Top up with hot or cold milk of your choice to make a Latte then stir again or shake with Tea Shaker to achieve a silky frothy finish.

    • Note - you can also make a Latte using milk entirely (no water) 


    • Incredibly versatile in nature, you can use your Houjicha in baking, smoothies, bliss balls and more.

    • For recipe inspiration visit our Pinterest page here


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