Visiting our Award Winning Matcha Tea Farm in Uji, Japan

With the trip to Japan but a distant memory, it's time to reminisce and share what wonderful experiences I had while there.

Very much a standout was the tea farm visit in Uji. Uji is a quaint town about 20 mins by train south of Kyoto (if you were travelling to Nara you would pass through it). In Uji you can wander through a street called Byodoin Omotesando and literally smell the aroma of Matcha Green Tea in the air ahhh!

But more on that another time!

The main reason for visiting Uji was to meet the family behind the Tea Farm our Premium Matcha is sourced from and witness Ichibancha (or first harvest) that takes place in May each year. 

I met the many experienced (and super friendly!) tea workers who come together each year and handpick only the very best tea leaves known as Tencha which then are steamed, air dried and finally stone ground down to become Matcha.

Tea Picker Award Winning Tea Farm Uji Matcha Ceremonial Grade Japanese Green Tea

I find it so incredibly special to reflect on all the effort it takes to produce best tasting Matcha. Even more so now that I have met the people at the farm who dutifully dedicate themselves to the picking the very tea I'm so fortunate to drink (and offer to you!). 

We chatted, we laughed, we got to know each other and in a nutshell, it was such a beautiful experience to always cherish.

I hope you enjoy taking a walk through the Terakawa family tea farm with me. 

Erin x

Video created by Yosuke Kurosawa 

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