Customer Testimonials

"There's plenty of Matcha available, it's not hard to find anymore but if you're fussy like me, Matcha Yu seems to be the best one I've found so far"


"I choose to drink Matcha Yu Tea because the tea is really good quality. I also like the fact that the bags are compostable.

Matcha makes me feel more energised and refreshed and I also find as well that it doesn't leave me feeling tired afterwards eg. a drink like coffee does"


"When it comes to Matcha, I'm very fussy about the quality and the taste. I drink Matcha Yu Tea as I find it so smooth to drink, there isn't a bitter aftertaste, it has this beautiful green colour which means it's good quality Matcha. It's also organic so it's free from toxins.

I love that it comes in eco-friendly packaging so it breaks down easily in your compost or bin. 

I feel like with every sip I'm being transported to Japan and I absolutely love that.

It makes me feel energised and youthful. I'm very caffeine sensitive and I feel like Matcha gives me that energy throughout the day, a sustained energy boost but without feeling like I'm bouncing off the walls"


"I choose to drink Matcha Yu Tea because I love the quality of the product, the story behind it and the eco-friendly business values

Matcha Yu Tea gives me back some time and I love the tradition of sitting down with a cup of Matcha. It makes me feel all warm and healthy and I'm having a good start to my day and a great replacement for coffee"


"I choose to drink Matcha Yu Tea because I am supporting a small business. The customer service is exceptional and the research, dedication and passion to sourcing this high-quality Matcha is incredible.

It is honestly the best Matcha you will come across. It is Award-Winning Organic Matcha that has been sourced from Japan, and Matcha Yu Tea goes to extreme lengths to source the highest quality Matcha from the tea fields of Japan.

The Premium Matcha won the Golden Leaf Awards in 2021 and the Everyday Matcha won Silver which says it all.

It's a very smooth balanced flavour, it's got a vibrant bright green colour and that just shows the freshness and the high quality of it. The taste is exceptional.

Drinking Matcha makes me feel a sense of calm, less anxious and it is the highlight of my day. It's full of antioxidants, anti-ageing and I can't go a day without it" 


Just like these happy customers, you'll never be disappointed with the quality of our Matcha.

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