About Us

Matcha Yu Tea visits the Tea Fields of Kagoshima, Japan

Hi, my name is Erin and I have a confession to make... I'm a Matcha addict!  

But not just any Matcha, it has to be of excellent quality which is why I offer only the best tasting tea. I want you to enjoy drinking it as much as I do!

I am unashamedly fascinated by Japanese culture which includes my daily ritual of drinking Matcha. It allows me to connect with Japan in my mind and reap the many health benefits that drinking it provides.

My mission is for others to also enjoy an authentic taste of Japan by drinking delicious high quality, Award Winning Matcha and reap all the benefits too!

So where did this love of Matcha and Japan begin?

Learning Japanese in high school started my deep love affair with Japan.  Since then I've been completely obsessed with Japanese culture. It inspired me to travel to Japan on many occasions to experience all that it had to offer... from futuristic Tokyo to traditional Kyoto (and everything in between).

Then in 2010, I was lucky enough to spend half a year living in Kyoto in Japan, experiencing a magical city rich in tradition, culture and history. This ancient former capital of Japan enchanted me with its World Heritage Temples, Shrines & Gardens, Geisha sightings and abundance of delicious Japanese cuisine.

Whilst there, I became particularly obsessed with Matcha and would eat and drink whatever Matcha flavoured delights I could get my hands on such as Ice Cream, Parfaits, Chocolate and much more.  I also took great joy in sitting quietly in a temple teahouse sipping on rich fragrant Matcha and taking in my surroundings, a totally Zen experience! 

Upon returning to Australia, Matcha was relatively new and undiscovered here yet I sought it out feverishly to get my fix and take me back to the nostalgic feelings of living in Kyoto.

I wanted to find a high quality Matcha Green Tea that was authentically Japanese as well as enjoying all those health benefits I'd come to love. 

When I couldn't find this in Australia I decided to draw on my experience tasting delicious Matcha in Japan and connections and import it myself.   

And so Matcha Yu Tea was created!

Combining my love of Matcha with my passion for our planet by offering superior tasting Japanese Green Tea straight from Japan to bring you an authentic flavour you won't be able to get enough of.

I have a deep love and knowledge of Japanese culture and have forged a wonderful connection with our Japanese suppliers, with our tea being sourced from Kyushu, Japan. 

On the environmental front, I do all that I can in my daily life to minimise waste and only positively impact our Mother Earth so naturally I want to give my customers the same opportunity. This is why we offer all of our teas in 100% home compostable packaging. 

I'm an active volunteer, participating in regular beach clean-ups and work with local environmental groups and government to create change that benefit the environment. So needless to say, I'm very passionate about reducing waste!

My business is based on trust, respect and a deep appreciation of Japan and its Tea, as well as caring for Mother Earth, especially our life giving ocean. 

That is why Matcha Yu Tea choose to be a business supporter of the Australian Marine Conservation Society and the incredible work they do to protect the ocean, in particular reducing the amount of single use plastic waste that enters it. 

It's my absolute privilege and honour to share delicious and eco-friendly tea with you.

Erin x