Matcha Yu Culinary Matcha Review (By But First, Tea)

Here's another lovely review of our Culinary Matcha, this time from Sherstin from @butfirst_tea, an amazing tea community we absolutely love!

 She says

"Beautiful to drink but great to bake with as well"

"The packaging is eco-friendly and it's home compostable, the packaigng, the label, everything is packaging. Super eco-friendly and something to be honest is so rare, not a lot of tea companies are doing this".

 Sherstin, we totally love the zig zag motion of the tea whisk too, a great technique!

Thank you for the kind words and so happy you enjoyed it!

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Mmm how tasty does that cup of Matcha look and we absolutely love the Matcha bowl Sherstin uses and this beautiful tea cup. Truly stunning!

But First Tea Matcha Yu Culinary Matcha Review

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