Do we really want more plastic in the ocean than fish?

Do we really want more plastic in the ocean than fish?

Let's learn how home compostable packaging is a step in the right direction to combat the immense amount of plastic entering our oceans.

Hear we interview Owen Embling, owner of Econic home compostable packaging about tackling this issue.  

Have you heard of the word micro-plastics?

Pre-production plastic pellets used to make many types of plastic packaging are a type of micro-plastic. Minuscule in size and can easily be mistaken as food for marine life in the ocean.

Pre-production plastic (known as nurdles) can be lost at sea from ships or at port when they are handled. Nurdles spilt on land at industrial facilities can float off down drains and ultimately, out to sea.

Currents and wind disperse them and they are now washing up on beaches across the globe.

Then there is the micro-plastic that eventuates when plastic packaging is discarded as waste and breaks down into thousands of tiny pieces when exposed to the elements.

Again, these tiny pieces can be mistaken as food for animals and consumed. And ultimately could end up in the seafood you eat (if you do eat any that is) But never's not all doom and gloom!

There are already options to avoid single use plastic. We have never had greater choice to select an eco friendly plastic free option than now!

Check out how you can simply cut up our home compostable tea packs after use and pop it in your garden!  


Don't want to contribute to this immense problem of plastic entering our ocean? Avoiding single plastic packaging in the first place is a practical step each of us can take to help.

Which is why Econic is so passionate about offering a solution to business (and their consumers) to enjoy products housed in a zero waste home compostable packaging option.

You can then rest easy knowing that you are not contributing to the amount of plastic already on earth and the risk that it may end up in the ocean as waste, potentially injuring or killing marine life.

We think that's a pretty good reason to look for products in eco friendly packaging, how about you?

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