Home Compostable vs Industrial Compostable - what's the difference?

The Difference Between Home and Industrial Compostable Packaging

If a product is labelled compostable, does that mean it can be composted at home or does it need more accelerated conditions as seen in industrial composts?  

Let's find out what the difference is between the two types of composting techniques and why do we choose to package our tea in home compostable packaging?  

Home vs Industrial Compostable


Firstly..let's explore how composting works for a minute...

Composting breaks down organic matter via bacteria, worms and other organisms to create a nutrient rich Compost. This can then be use for fertiliser. This occurs over a period of months normally in a home compost bin.

Industrial Composting basically takes place in a dedicated facility with conditions such as increased heat and oxygen, shredding pieces into smaller pieces to break things down much quicker. 

So when you read "Compostable" on a product label, can you break it down in your own home compost or not?

If you're not sure what to believe then you're not alone! We too also wonder if all compostable packaging out there is truly compostable in a home compost situation.

For example, some Bioplastic products that say compostable (eg. plastic spoons) won't break down in a home compost as the the conditions and temperatures are not effective. 

Which is why it was so important for Matcha Yu Tea to source an option where this it is possible for anyone to be given the option to compost our packs after they are finished with them. 

Econic (suppliers of our packaging) believe that if there's not the infrastructure for industrial composting then at least recycled by nature in the home composting environment is an important aspect.


That means anyone who buys products (like our tea!) in Econic packaging can cut it up into small bits and:

 🌱 put it in your home compost bin or barrel

 If you don't own one of those you can: 

 🌱 put it in your pot plant

🌱 put it in your veggie garden.

🌱 put it in your organic food waste bin

 HELPFUL TIP : we recommend cutting the tea pack into smaller pieces before composting to accelerate the breaking down process just like in this video below.


Our home compostable supplier, 


 has the following to say:

"By taking the moral high ground by making this a home compostable product as opposed to industrially compostable, we think we meet the needs of literally everyone.

 You eliminate the confusion and ensure that everyone can easily discard the product's packaging in their own backyard, balcony or in their organics or green waste bin making it 100% zero waste and closed loop".

Did you know there was a such a big difference between home and industrial compostable packaging?

For more info on Econic: https://www.econicpack.com/

About our packaging: https://www.matchayutea.com/pages/hom...


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