How Much Matcha Green Tea Should You Drink Per Day?

How Much Matcha Green Tea Should You Drink Per Day?

Is drinking 2 cups or more a day ok? Well, it all comes down to how you respond to caffeine.

How much Matcha Should You Drink Per Day?

Seriously... Matcha contains caffeine? 

How Caffeine works in Coffee vs Matcha

It does indeed. However, Matcha contains just a third the amount of caffeine found in coffee but we have good news for you. The caffeine is absorbed very differently, making it a much healthier alternative to drinking coffee.

Instead of a sharp burst of energy followed by a crash (ah hello coffee!), the caffeine found in Matcha is slowly released into your bloodstream over several hours giving you a nice steady stream of energy instead. It also works in conjunction with the amino acid L-theanine which stimulates your brain's alpha waves so you feel focused but calm, not jittery or buzzing off your head as you may feel when drinking too much coffee! 

As Matcha keeps your energy levels sustained for far longer, you may find you don't need as many cups of Matcha as you may coffee. 

But just like coffee, we still need to be mindful of consuming too much caffeine in a day, whatever shape or form it comes in.

So how much Matcha should you drink in a day?

When considering how much Matcha to drink per day, it's important to take note that we all respond to caffeine differently.

Coffee on average contains about 96 mg of caffeine per 240mL cup, while matcha contains 19–44 mg per gram, equaling 38–88 mg per 60-mL serving if prepared the standard way

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Being caffeine sensitive myself, I find 2 cups of Matcha a day is enough for me to stay energised yet calm and focused. If you're not too affected by caffeine, I would suggest drinking around 3 cups a day. 

In addition to caffeine sensitivity, there should also be other considerations when working out how much Matcha to drink. These may include: your liver and adrenal health, whether you have any pre-existing medical conditions and/or take prescription medicines. Consult your healthcare professional if unsure. 

Should you drink Matcha everyday? 

If you're looking to reap the many health benefits drinking antioxidant Matcha provides, I would definitely recommend drinking it daily

Unlike other tea, when you drink Matcha Green Tea Powder, you consume the whole tea leaves and as such get maximum absorption of all the nutrients.

How much per serve should you drink?

It all comes down to how strong you would like your Matcha to be but as a general rule I would say around 1/2 teaspoon per serve - Approx. 2 grams.  This is about two heaped Bamboo Measuring scoops of Matcha Powder. 

This amount is perfect to reap the long term health benefits of antioxidant rich Matcha too!  

How much Matcha should I use per serve?

What time of day should you drink Matcha? 

Try to refrain from drinking it in the late afternoon or evening if you are concerned about interrupted sleep.  So morning and mid afternoon are the perfect times to enjoy Matcha for an energy boost that you may have previously looked for in coffee. 

We hope this helps you find that sweet spot when it comes to the amount of Matcha you drink per day. Being in tune with your body and how it responds to Matcha is key and will help you adjust your intake accordingly. For example -  if you feel too stimulated, perhaps reducing the amount will help. 

Ready to make drinking our high quality Matcha part of your daily routine and path to improved health?

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