Journey to Happiness Podcast - Episode 25 with Erin of Matcha Yu Tea

Was so thrilled to be invited onto the @journeytohappiness.mvmt Heart Driven Hustle Podcast recently!

It a little bit of Matcha education, a little bit about the business, a little bit about me and how my heart is at the centre of my hustle!

Learn about:

🍵 why I started the business in the first place
🍵 a bit about what Matcha is and it's significance in Japanese culture
🍵 tips for other business owners to keep going without burning out with practical self care routines
🍵 how to push past fear, self sabotage and anxiety by changing mindset

Bit of trivia - Did you know what Matcha means in Japanese ❓

Ma - means stone ground and Cha means Tea. So it literally means stone ground Green Tea Powder

How cool is that❓

Enjoy the podcast by clicking the link in our bio and do give these guys a follow, they are awesome!

Listen here

Journey to Happiness Heart Driven Hustle Podcast Matcha Yu Tea

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