The 2018 Golden Leaf Tea Awards announced and our Premium Matcha wins Gold!

What an exciting week it has been having the Australian Tea Expo (as part of the Fine Food Expo) in town!

It was truly wonderful being able to meet the other tea exhibitors at the expo and try some simply delicious tea from all over the globe. What a growing, exciting and thriving community to be a part of! 

We had our products showcased at the expo which was a wonderful opportunity for fellow tea lovers and members of the hospitality industry to see our products up close.

This included revealing our slick brand new RESEALABLE (and still home compostable) packaging which we are now transitioning to so as to keep your tea super fresh and for easier use. 

Matcha Yu Tea Australian Tea Expo

But the big news from the expo is..... *DRUMROLL*

We are SO very excited to announce that our Premium Matcha Tea picked up the GOLD prize in the Ceremonial Matcha Category as part of the Golden Leaf Awards! 

Overall the Tea Awards received over 360 entries of such high quality tea, the results were very close. 

You can read all about it here: 

We are very proud of this high quality superior tasting tea which comes from the multi-generational Kifukuen Tea Farm (an Emperor Award Winning Farm in Uji Japan) and are now even more thrilled to have an Australian Award to further signify its quality. 

Golden Leaf Award Winners



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