What's the secret to Award Winning Matcha Green Tea?

Our Emperor Award Winning Premium Matcha comes from Kifukuen family run tea farm in Uji, Japan.

This tea farm has been in the Terakawa family for 8 generations (over 200 years) and has a wealth of knowledge and experience growing top quality tea.

We are honoured to make their high quality tea available to you, hand picked with care just once a year in May, known as "Ichibancha" or "First Harvest".

Every year around this time, around 40 experienced workers return to the farm to carefully hand pick the new tea leaves that will be transformed to make Matcha powder. 

Tea picking at Kifukuen Tea Farm, Uji Japan

Mr Terakawa is a 7th generation tea farmer and shares with us how Matcha is made and what it takes to grow award winning tea.

His tea farm has won 14 Emperor awards from the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for high grade quality Matcha. 

So what makes his tea award winning?

"Providing the right soil prior to planting. It takes about 10 years of hard work" says Mr Terakawa. 

Why is Matcha from the town of Uji (Kyoto prefecture) world famous and known for its superior quality?

Uji River , Japan


Well, a lot of it comes down to the climate and geography.

"There is the Uji River that crosses through the city. It sometimes makes fog but helps the city avoid frost which is important for tea farming"

Watch below and learn more from a fascinating man with a lifetime's experience of tea farming.

You can experience this Premium smooth tasting Matcha for yourself here

Video created by Yosuke Kurosawa 


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