Zero waste tips for 2019 (& why our Matcha is in home compostable packaging)

Happy New Year to you! (and yes it's almost Feb!) 

There's something about the start of another year that makes you think more about living life with more intention.

Do you know what kind of life you would like to live?

Do your daily actions reflect that or could some things change?

One thing I am always striving to do better with daily is living as zero waste as possible. In this very fast paced life we all live, it's so easy to turn to products of convenience to make life a little less hectic (this is especially true when you're a parent, I totally get it!)

And yes...I'm mainly talking about single use plastic.

If you do your shop at the supermarket, you'd have to agree it's pretty hard to avoid plastic packaging, some of it completely unnecessary but still ever present.

I tend to only buy a couple of items at the supermarket (that are tricky to source locally elsewhere) but 95% of what our family eat I grab from the local market, deli, bakery and so on.

And you know what I love about that?

First up is the chance to still enjoy some of life's small pleasures (Like olives, cheese and fresh berries) by just popping it in your own byo container instead!

But the main thing I love about it is a chance to connect with the shop owners, have a chat, a laugh, and feel a sense of community you really don't get shopping at a supermarket.

So if you're taking those steps to reduce plastic use and are already equipped with your Keep Cup, Water Bottle and Straw but ready for the next step this year, think about what local shops you may be able to source items from and BYO container

Did you know most takeaway shops are also more than happy to put your food in your own containers too! So there really is no excuse and its never been easier. Just gotta put any weird feelings you have aside (I admit the first time you ask might feel a bit strange but you get used to it!) and ask away, it’s better for the planet remember? 

OH....I can't leave it there without talking about bulk food stores and how brilliant they are! 

Thankfully I have a couple of amazing (and most reasonably priced) stores nearby that I get to every month or so and stop up on all those pantry items.

Hot tip - I've started to keep a list next to our pantry so when our family runs out of something I've got a list to refer to of what to get on our next bulk food store run.  As bulk food shopping can be quite overwhelming, it's so easy to leave the shop with a lot more than you bargained for! 

So what if you just can't find your favourite food package free

Although Matcha powder is something that can be bought package free in some bulk stores, I would recommend against purchasing it this way.

But you say, bulk food shopping is a good thing isn't it?

Yes for sure it is but not in this instance. And this is why....

The ongoing exposure to air, light, heat and even moisture is something that turns Matcha dull, bitter and to be honest, quite ordinary. Did you know that to retain freshness, Matcha is best stored in your fridge? Matcha found on store shelves (as opposed to a fridge) are unfortunately diminishing in quality the longer they are on the shelve and out in the elements.

Which is why I decided to introduce the next best thing for the Matcha lovers and Eco-friendly people out there!

Home Compostable packaging!

See there is a bit of confusion out there with compostable packaging. Plenty of companies are now adopting it but there are many kinds out there and many need Industrial level conditions to break down.  Which let's face it, no-one really has access to. 

My mission was to find a type of packaging that was most definitely home compostable yet still retained the freshness required for our Tea. This means the tea reaches you in a tip top condition and is long lasting. 

We source our packaging from a company named Econic (NZ) who are fully committed to eco-friendly options for businesses to adopt and consumers to enjoy. Hurrah! 

So once you're finished your tea, just pop it in your home compost to break down. Enjoy that tea with a feeling that you're helping Planet Earth, a little bit at a time without sacrificing on small pleasures like Matcha!


Econic home compostable packaging
(Photo of Econic bag broken down in compost.  credit @primaroastery)  





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