Want to know our 5 New Year goals to kick off 2020?

A big welcome to 2020! (and yes, we're already at the end of Jan, I can't believe it!) 


2020 New Year


It's not just the start of a new year but a new decade, how special is that?

I absolutely love the endless possibility that accompanies the beginning of a new year, the chance for a fresh start, the chance to be willing and open to the universe that this year will be amazing!

Granted, the devastating bushfires that have (and continue to do so) wrecked havoc on our country is not the start any of us would have envisioned and a lot of us are grappling with many mixed emotions as a result.

For those directly affected we stand united with you and are doing what we can to support you. 

Without getting too deep, events such as this really put things into perspective and make us wake up and realise that life is precious and we need to be living it to our full potential!

Have you set any goals or intentions for the year ahead?

Here are 5  I would like to share that I am personally working on this year.

1) Get more active 

Exercise Dance Class

Yes it's a pretty common one but I really let my fitness fall by the wayside last year, with my butt parked on my desk chair for far too long than I like to admit!

This year I'm setting myself a goal of a minimum of 3 days of exercising between 30 mins -1 hour and mixing it up so I keep enjoying it!

Some activities I love include swimming, yoga, bike riding and dancing!

How about you?

Tip: Did you knowing drinking Matcha before you work out helps boost metabolism and fat oxidation in your body? It will increase endurance, stamina and focus too!

The healthy dose of caffeine found in Matcha will also improve your energy levels. Drink 30 mins before your workout for best results. 

2) Learn something new 

Japanese Kanji Characters

Well it's not exactly new but my constant go-to when it comes to learning is Japanese. 

I've been studying Japanese on and off for about 25 years now and just love it! It keeps me connected to the Japanese culture and keeps challenging my mind. 

Did you know learning another language actually taps into another part of your brain?

It offers proven benefits for intelligence, memory, and concentration and lowered risks of dementia and Alzheimer's.

Because language is complex, speaking or learning a foreign language gives your brain a good workout. It's good brain exercise that makes the brain stronger.

Tip: Drinking Matcha while studying is a great natural way to increase your focus and concentration on the content at hand.

Many students swear by it when preparing for exams.

In ancient Japan, monks also used it to meditate, leading to a calm and concentrated state. 

3) Adopt more eco-friendly habits

Heart in Hedge

If you've been following along for a while you have probably seen by now that I care an awful lot about the environment and being mindful our own personal footprint on it. 

Everyday I try to make decisions that are in the best interest of our dear Mother Earth by composting, buying in bulk, buying things second hand, repairing, using my own containers, keep cup, bottle, straw, reusable and refillable toiletries and so on! 

That said, there is always room for improvement right? I've made a lot of changes to reducing plastic and waste in my home but I'm going looking hard at what's left to change and make this the year to do so!

I will be undertaking a rubbish bin audit to see what we are still buying in packaging and what other options there are in my life that I could swap out for waste free alternatives. 

Tip: Did you know Matcha isn't recommended to buy in bulk food stores? Matcha is very sensitive to air, light and moisture and exposure to it affects the freshness, changes the colour from bright to dull green and reduces the overall quality .

As quality of the tea you receive is super important to us, we offer the next best waste free option - Matcha in home compostable packaging. 

Storing your Matcha in the fridge in the packet or a container (not see through) is also most recommended! 

4) Start the day with less technology

Mobile phone woman

Are you guilty of reaching for your mobile phone as soon as you wake? 

Yes, I often find myself doing this and it's something I would like to change. How about you?

I have decided I want make my morning ritual sacred, a time where so as to enjoy the simple things such as:

  • Watch the sun rising and feel the warmth on my face 
  • Doing some light stretching or yoga to ease my body into the day
  • Setting a intention for the day, think about what I would like to achieve
  • Write in my gratitude journal to make sure my focus is positive for the day
  • Slowly enjoying a wholesome and nutritious breakfast (I'm loving homemade granola & smoothie bowls right now!)
  • Take time to enjoy the ritual of preparing a bowl of Matcha and savouring every sip, distraction free.

Tip: Preparing and drinking Matcha distraction free is therapeutic for a very active mind (take my word for it!)  Taking that time to enjoy the quiet peace of the morning before the rest of the day follows can equip you well for whatever else the day throws at you.

5) Plan meals in advance

Recipe book

To ensure my family can eat a variety of nutritious plant based food each day (ultimately reducing that time shopping and working out what to eat) is something I would like to do better this year.

Who else likes flicking through recipe books? I have so many lovely books but seem to always plan meals in a rush so don't use them as often as I should. 

I'm also ready for some fresh inspiration and variety, who's with me?

Planning out meals a week at a time and then shopping accordingly for the ingredients saves time, money and reduces waste as you only buy the things you really need. 

Tip: Ever gone to the supermarket hungry? To keep those hunger pains at bay, how about snacking on some Matcha Bliss Balls instead to stop you buying all the junk food you don't need! A natural energy boost that keeps you going until mealtime. 

For recipe inspiration: https://www.pinterest.com.au/matchayutea/raw/bliss-balls/


AND....since it's the new year and many of you may be setting resolutions, I couldn't finish this post without mentioning the c word...COFFEE!

Coffee being poured latte

Are you trying to reduce your coffee intake this year? 

Matcha is the perfect alternative if you are looking to reduce your consumption but still need that energy kick to get you awake and through the day.

Matcha does indeed have caffeine but it's one third that of coffee. It's also slowly released over the course of several hours so it doesn't disrupt your hormones or blood sugar levels.

This means you won't face adrenal fatigue or a big dip in energy like coffee does. 

It's also packed with a significant amount antioxidants which is a lot better for your body, improving skin quality, boosting metabolism, increased immunity, detoxifying and so much more!

If you're interested in trying some for yourself, explore our range here: https://www.matchayutea.com/collections/matcha

So what goals or intentions have you set for the year ahead?

Would love to hear from you below if you'd like to share? 

Finally I wish you every ounce of health and happiness for the year ahead everyone! 

Erin x



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