5 reasons your mum will love drinking Matcha

5 reasons your mum will love drinking Matcha

Mother's Day is just around the corner (8th May) so let's take a moment to say a big thanks to our mums/grans by giving them the gift of Tea!

Mothers Day Drink Matcha Green Tea

Here are 5 reasons why mum will love drinking Matcha! It will her help by: 

1. Reducing her Stress

Mums usually juggle a multitude of tasks during the day right? L-theanine is a special relaxant property found in Matcha and helps with general feelings of calm and well-being, helping her tackle whatever comes her way. 

2. Providing her with Youthful Skin

I'm sure your mum always wants to look her best. The antioxidants in Matcha slow down the ageing process by preventing oxidation, inhibiting mutation of DNA and helping to restore damaged DNA.

3. Increasing her Immunity

Matcha increases the production of T-cells and contains Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) which reduces inflammation and can help prevent pathogens and virus. 

4. Giving her Long-Lasting Energy

Mum won't need to reach for that coffee to wake up anymore! Matcha contains 1/3 the amount of caffeine found in coffee however it is slowly released into the body, resulting in a longer sustained energy and no cravings to boot! 

5.  Boosting her Mood 

Put mum in a good mood! L-theanine found in Matcha increases the brain's alpha frequency band and produces relaxing effects by raising serotonin and dopamine levels.  

These are just 5 of many great ways mum (or anyone for that matter!) will reap the benefits of drinking Matcha. 

Also...giving her an excuse to sit down, take a moment for herself to drink a cup of rejuvenating Matcha is a total win!

Our Award Winning, Certified Organic Matcha is the perfect way to reap all these benefits. Add a cup (or more) of Matcha into your daily routine and you will soon start see positive changes to your skin, energy levels, mood and more!

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