Hojicha Latte

What is Hojicha Tea and what does it taste like?

Have you ever heard of the Japanese tea Hojicha? 

Here in Melbourne, Australia, we have recently have seen an abundance of Japanese style cafes popping up all over the place. In addition to Matcha Lattes being on their menu, Hojicha Lattes are becoming a regular fixture on several menus around town. 

So what is this brown coloured drink on offer that isn't Black Tea or Coffee, nor Matcha Green Tea?

Hojicha Latte

Hojicha (pronounced Ho-jee-cha and sometimes spelt Houjicha) is also Green Tea but it is processed completely different to Matcha, with the green tea leaves being roasted. The method of processing the tea gives it the signature brown colour. 

Hojicha is grown in the sun and then roasted over charcoals, leading to its brown hue. Depending on the harvest time, the roasting time and whether it is made from Sencha (unshaded green tea), Bancha (common Japanese green tea), or Kukicha (twig tea), it will range from light brown to dark brown. 

The roasting process also has a decaffeinating effect on the leaves, making Hojicha a low-caffeine alternative for tea enthusiasts or as a coffee replacement. 

It is also mild enough for pregnant women and children to enjoy 😌

So what does it taste like?

If you are yet to try this type of tea, we can describe it as follows.

Regardless of the duration of time it is roasted, Hojicha can have a mellow, nutty and toasty flavour.  

The light to medium roasted kind is more caramel in flavour.

The dark roasted kind can have notes of cacao or coffee and possibly smokey. 

The Hojicha we offer in our store is medium roasted. 

Medium Roasted Hojicha Powder Australia

The aroma is intoxicating and reminds us of us visiting the Nishiki Food Market in Kyoto and stopping at the Hojicha Tea vendor to watch it being roasted.  The smell of Hojicha completely filled the air. 

Hojicha Tea Shop Kyoto Market

You can also use it in cakes, ice creams, smoothies and more!

How to prepare? Here's an easy Hojicha Latte Recipe using our Tea Shaker

  1. Push a couple of scoops through sieve into Shaker 
  2. Add 1/2 cup of hot water (not boiling - around 70-80 degrees is optimum) 
  3. Shake to combine
  4. Pour into cup and enjoy
  5. You can also add frothed milk of your choice for a Hojicha Latte


 Are you interested in giving Hojicha a try? Shop our range HERE 

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