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How is Christmas celebrated in Japan?

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How is Christmas celebrated in Japan?

Japan has a way of uniquely reinventing Western culture and making it their own which is just one aspect I love about the place! 10 years ago I was lucky enough to spend a Christmas living in Japan and could see how the season is celebrated there.  Here are a few ways Christmas is celebrated quite uniquely in Japan.

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Journey to Happiness Podcast - Episode 25 with Erin of Matcha Yu Tea

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Journey to Happiness Podcast  - Episode 25 with Erin of Matcha Yu Tea

Was so thrilled to be invited onto the Journey To Happiness  Heart Driven Hustle Podcast recently!

It a little bit of Matcha education, a little bit about the business, a little bit about me and how my heart is at the centre of my hustle!

Learn about:

  • why I started the business in the first place
  • a bit about what Matcha is and it's significance in Japanese culture
  • tips for other business owners to keep going without burning out with practical self care routines
  • how to push past fear, self sabotage and anxiety by changing mindset

Bit of trivia - Did you know what Matcha means in Japanese?

Ma - means stone ground and Cha means Tea. So it literally means stone ground Green Tea Powder

How cool is that?

Enjoy the podcast and do give these guys a follow, they are awesome!

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Visiting our Award Winning Matcha Tea Farm in Uji, Japan

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With the trip to Japan but a distant memory, it's time to reminisce and share what wonderful experiences I had while there.

Very much a standout was the tea farm visit in Uji. Uji is a quaint town about 20 mins by train south of Kyoto (if you were travelling to Nara you would pass through it)

In Uji you can wander through a street called Byodoin Omotesando and literally smell the aroma of Matcha Green Tea in the air ahhh!

But more on that another time!

The main reason for visiting Uji was to meet the family behind the Tea Farm our Premium Matcha is sourced from and witness Ichibancha (or first harvest) that takes place in May each year. 


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Back from Japan and so much to share!

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Matcha Yu Tea are just back from our trip to Japan and and easing into the daily routine again. 

It was so lovely to return to a place which means so much personally, it really is like going back to a second home, full of wonderful memories and life long friendships.

One of the main purposes of us returning to Japan at this time was to get a rare chance to learn all about Ichibancha (otherwise known as first harvest) and witness this very important time in a tea farm's calendar when the tea that is covered with shade cloths and ultimately becomes Matcha is hand picked with care by a team of experienced hard workers. 


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Packing A Zero Waste Travel Kit

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Very soon we here at Matcha Yu Tea will be saying Sayonara (goodbye) to Australia and a big Konnichiwa (hello) to Japan!

We're visiting Japan specifically to visit our Premium Matcha tea supplier as it's tea picking season but also to enjoy drinking a lot of Matcha and enjoying many tea inspired desserts!

Whenever we travel outside of the home, we make every effort to bring our own reusable items so as to avoid excessive plastic consumption.

So naturally we are thinking about the items we plan to take away to Japan to us to help us on this journey, being that we are very eco-aware.

We've narrowed it down to the items below and we really wanted to share our tips with you all as well, in case you may find them useful.

So, what exactly DO you put in a zero waste travel kit for Japan?

Read more here to find out...

Zero Waste Travel Tea Set 


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