What is the best way to store your Matcha Green Tea?

Did you know that Matcha Powder is sensitive to air, light and moisture and so needs to be stored correctly? ⁣

I’m so passionate when to comes to you enjoying top quality delicious tea so I feel part of my responsibility is to provide some helpful tips as to how to store it!⁣

1) store in a cool dark place like the fridge ⁣
2) store in the resealable pack our tea comes in or transfer to an air tight, non see-through container⁣
3) Japanese Tea Canisters are the perfect way to store Matcha to keep it fresher for longer ⁣

Matcha that is sold in stores is often kept on the shelf which means over time it deteriorated and loses freshness.⁣

Our tea is refrigerated before it is sent to you to ensure you receive it in top condition.⁣

There’s nothing worse than drinking a Matcha Latte for the first time with dull, bitter Matcha. It’s enough to turn you off and it just shouldn’t taste like that.⁣

I want to ensure everyone has a positive Matcha experience and comes to know and love it so much they can’t get through the day without it! ⁣

Learn more in our video about storing Matcha here: 

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