Why Sifting Matcha Before Drinking It Is So Important

Why Sifting Matcha Before Drinking It Is So Important

Matcha Tea Sieve
Why is it important to sift your Matcha? 

Sifting matcha is an essential step for ensuring you get the best possible cup of green tea. It helps to break up clumps of powder in the matcha, making it easier to dissolve and creating a smoother texture. This also allows for an even infusion of tea, resulting in a richer flavour and fuller aroma.

So why does Matcha Powder clump? 

When Matcha is stone ground from green tea leaves (Tencha) into powder, the static electricity can cause the fine powder to clump together.

Rest assured, this is a good sign of a high-quality Matcha that has been stone ground as it should be. 

Matcha powder can also clump when it’s opened and exposed to moisture or heat. For this reason it's important to store your Matcha in an airtight, non see through container in the fridge/ 

Once ready to use, the best way to avoid clumps and ensure it remains a nice fine powder is to sift your Matcha through a fine tea sieve.

I say it’s the most important step to making a cup of Matcha that’s silky smooth to drink. 

Our Matcha Shakers include a tea sieve to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your cup of green tea!

Sifting Matcha

Watch the video below to see how it's done! 

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