Matcha Tea Shaker Sets

Our Matcha Tea Shaker Sets are the perfect way to make Matcha quick and easy, without need for a bamboo whisk. Consisting of everything you need to make a delicious frothy cup of Matcha.

This set is recommended whether you are:

  • Just getting started with your Matcha ritual

  • Desire a quick and easy way to make frothy Matcha

  • Looking for the perfect gift. 

A Bamboo whisk (Chasen) is traditionally used in Japanese Tea Ceremony to blend the tea powder with water.  However, the technique required to use the whisk is often challenging for the uninitiated to achieve that rich frothy finish which is most desirable in a cup of Matcha. 

The Tea Shaker was designed and manufactured in Japan by our tea supplier to offer an easy way to enjoy Matcha without need for a bamboo whisk. 

It performs the same function as a Bamboo Whisk yet makes for an easy and fuss free way to make a lovely cup of Matcha . 

Our Matcha Tea Shaker Set consists of:

  • Tea Shaker (includes sieve)

  • Bamboo Scoop

  • Tea  - Choice of Everyday or Premium Matcha Powder 

How to use the Tea Shaker? Check out our helpful video here