5 reasons why you should switch your Coffee for Matcha

5 reasons why you should switch your Coffee for Matcha

Matcha vs Coffee, which one is better for you to drink?

Let's find out 5 reasons why you should be drinking Matcha Green Tea instead of Coffee.

Whilst coffee might be a popular option when it comes to keeping people awake and alert and definitely keeps us nice and warm in this chilly weather, Matcha wins the race as far as keeping our mind and body happy and healthy!

But more on that later...

So last week.... I decided to give coffee another go.

I used to drink it years ago and I love the aroma but it just doesn't do my caffeine sensitive body any favours so I decided to give up entirely and switch to tea.

These days I'm hooked on my daily cup (or more!) of Matcha but let's just dial back to last week when a cup of coffee presented itself for consumption (it was going to be thrown away otherwise) so I happily obliged. Part of me was happy to be sipping such a tasty latte, another side of me wondered what the side effects would be of my spontaneous decision!

And so the experiment was on! 


I know now why I favour my dear Matcha 100% over coffee and I'm happy to share with you 5 reasons why:


Matcha contains one third less caffeine than coffee which is so much better for caffeine sensitive souls like myself. PLUS it's a slow release caffeine when combined with amazing Amino Acid L-Theanine, allows you to be simultaneously alert and focused yet enjoy a wonderful relaxed feeling at the same time. 


Matcha doesn't allow you to crash like coffee does - and boy, did I feel the crash when I tried drinking coffee again. I felt all headachy and REALLY fatigued and just wanted the coffee to leave my system ASAP! 

So yes back to point 1. As Matcha slowly releases caffeine at a more sustained level your body doesn't peak and crash quickly like coffee. It can take between three and six hours to fully absorb the caffeine. This instead allows you to remain alert yet feeling on top of the world (without the crash to come!)

The caffeine in Matcha is more than enough for me to have a nice steady stream of energy throughout the day.

AND...Matcha doesn't give you the jitters! Well...it might if you drink an absolute bucketload but if you're drinking 1-3 cups a day it won't give you that nervous feeling or sweats or any of those nasty side effects coffee can deliver to caffeine sensitive ones like myself. I'd rather stay cool, calm and in control of my day. 


Caffeine can stimulate hormones, such as fat-producing cortisol or adrenaline. These make your heart beat faster and cause the same physical symptoms as anxiety. My heart definitely races when drinking the brown stuff which isn't fun at all!

The good news is green tea (particularly Matcha) balances your blood sugar levels. Your Pancreas manages blood sugar levels and if they are all in check then your hormones will also be happy! You will also feel calm and serene.


Hands up who has sat next to someone on public transport or passed by in the street with that stale unpleasant bad breath that coffee is quite often responsible for? We've all been there! 

Matcha actually contains many sterilising agents that are responsible for eliminating germs and bacteria. After drinking some of this tea, your mouth will be cleansed of any bad smelling gunk lingering about.


The verdict is out these days as to what ages you and what doesn't (Red wine is one tossed around quite a lot) but its safe to say consuming Matcha is a step in the right direction to keep your skin supple and smooth. As you are consuming the whole leaf there is far more antioxidants present than even drinking regular green tea, and most definitely more than coffee!

Matcha is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, unlike coffee; which makes inflammation worse. This is why matcha is a great drink for everyone who has inflammation problems (that’s everyone, by the way). One of the most potent anti-inflammatories in the drink is the EGCG which has been show to inhibit inflammatory production. People struggling with arthritis and other joint pain can benefit from Matcha. 

If you'd like to give our Matcha a try, might I suggest our Japanese Certified Organic Everyday Matcha , a smooth tasting tea perfect for "everyday" drinking to get you started. Trying it first with milk of your choice is often the ideal introduction to the taste of Matcha but some people prefer drinking on its own with just hot water (not hotter than 80 degrees celcius). It's really up to you! 

Want to know more? Check out our IGTV episode all about drinking Coffee vs Matcha 


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And finally...you can shop our Matcha collection here

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